Youngsters Hanging Protest At Neduvasal

       Published : Mar 09, 2017 14:34 IST    

Youngsters Hanging Protest At Neduvasal

The protest in Neduvasal continues as the 22nd day today. Neduvasal and Vadakadu youngsters are involved in hanging protest in their villages opposing to hydrocarbon extraction project. They have roped around their neck and say it is only way if central government does not stop the project. They warned the government by blowing the conch. They are tackling various ways to seek the Centre's attraction.

Women are greatly involved in the protest. They are also heading the protest. A aged lady who took part in ‘Oppari porattam’(singing protest) died on Wednesday. She had chest pain initially, and rushed to the hospital but died on the way. Villagers paid homage to the lady in the evening.

The traditional dances were performed on the protest spot in order to get rid of tiredness during the protest. It kept the protestors engagement. The villagers welcome the outsiders for their protest and they are preparing food for them.

Meanwhile ONGC workers are conducting experimental activities around the regions including Thiruvarur. But the people nearby gathered there and stopped their work. Reportedly police arrived at the spot and booked case against the people.

Students had left the colleges and participating in the protest. Youngsters working in the other parts of country and world are coming to their village to take part in it.

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Youngsters Hanging Protest At Neduvasal

Youngsters Hanging Protest At Neduvasal

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