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Yuvaraj photo leaked during inquiry

Yuvaraj photo leaked during inquiry

In Gokulraj murder case, Yuvaraj had surrendered to the police 5 days ago. Yuvaraj has not been given any chairs to sit, police made him to sit down. The photo he is sitting down had been leaked on the online and spreads quickly. This news makes the police to inquire about how the photo has been leaked.

Super Intent of Police Nagajothi who has been inquiring Yuvaraj is very upset about her the photo leak. Senior officer warned and asked her about photo leaks. Senior officers ordered her to submit the full details of how photo has been leaked. She is inquiring the police who are all at the time of Yuvaraj inquiry.

Yuvaraj is much upset about the police treatment and did not answer properly while inquiry. He did not answer for the most of the questions asked by the police. After the photo leak, nobody is allowed inside the inquiry room even CB-CID and SP are not allowed.

Gokulraj went to the Thiruchengode Temple before he was murdered. It was proved by CCTV camera that he was abducted from the Thiruchengode temple.  Yuvaraj was taken to the temple and to the spot where Gokulraj has been murder near the railway track and he was investigated by the police.

Yuvaraj who is considered as the main accused in Gokulraj case is surrendered to police on October 12. DSP Vishnupriya who had been handling this case committed suicide on September 18. Yuvaraj is the prime accused in the case of murdering dalit youth and engineering student Gokulraj for taking to the high community girl. Yuvaraj is the leader of the Dheeran Chinnamalai Gounder Peravai.

Yuvaraj photo leaked during inquiry

Yuvaraj photo leaked during inquiry