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Yuvaraj produced in court room today

Yuvaraj, the main accused in 21-year-old dalit and engineering student Gokulraj's death is surrended at Namakkal CB-CID office on Sunday and he is produced in court today.

Yuvaraj earlier announced his surrender news and all his supporters gather before the CB-CID office yesterday. He is a prime accused in the Gokulraj case and DSP Vishnupriya hanged over herself on September who had been investigating this case.

He had done phone conversation with Vishnupriya and she insisted him to surrender and said not to make issues. Yuvaraj had also released many other audios and videos, recently he had given direct interview to the media. After this the high court issued arrest warrant against Yuvaraj.

He is produced in court today by the CB-CID.

[caption id='attachment_893' align='alignnone' width='479']Yuvaraj produced in court room today Yuvaraj Produced in Court[/caption]

[caption id='attachment_894' align='alignnone' width='450']Yuvaraj produced in court room today Yuvaraj-in-court[/caption]

Yuvaraj produced in court room today

Yuvaraj produced in court room today

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