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AIADMK Current Election campaigns

AIADMK Current Election campaigns

AIADMK Current Election campaigns

AIADMK Jayalalitha today attends election campaign at Trichy and surrounding areas. She will introduce candidates of 19 constitutions including Srirangam, Manaparai, Lalgudi, Mussori, Karur, Viralimallai, Kulithalai, Aranthangi, Alangudi, Thuraiyur and others in the meeting today.

The meeting will be held at G corner ground at Trichy, Related to the meeting, the traffic officials restricted big vehicles like Tankers, Trucks and Lorries to enter into the city. Meanwhile other traffics in the city are being controlled by the police.

Earlier AIADMK conducted campaigns at Salem and Virudhachalam districts recently. There were high heat waves in the areas. People can’t bare the heat waves due to hot summer. Five AIADMK workers lost their lives due to the heat waves during the meeting. AIADMK workers who have to work in the hot sun to arrange the meetings had suffered.

Temperature in the state was above normal touching 40 degrees at many places. DMK on the other hand filed complaint about the AIADMK campaign violating the human rights in election rallies. DMK said people were made wait for long hot sun without water or other facilities. They had given petition to NHRC to investigate on this issue. They complaint that all the meetings were held in hot sun and grossing violation of human rights.

Jayalalitha promised to give relief fund to the family of victims after election.

Many promises come from both parties. AIADMK leader Jayalalitha promised to close the tasmac in staged phases. DMK had earlier given various election promises.

AIADMK 2016 Election Promises

Free Laptop for Higher secondary students and college students.

Free Mixer, grinder and fan for householders.

1.80 lakhs to construct home for suffering people.

Pregnant women get Rs. 12000 and leave of 6 months.

Free cable connection, Free Bus pass for aged people, mobile hospital, 20kg rice for all ration holders and other promises were done by the party head.

AIADMK Current Election campaigns

AIADMK Current Election campaigns