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Bihar Election First and Second Phase

First phase of the election was conducted on Monday. Most of the women voted with interest than the men. First phase vote concluded with 57% vote and women with percentage is 59 and men percent became 54.5 lower than the previous poll in 2010.

The second phase of election was conducted on Oct 16, it seems more women and youths are enthusiastically voting than men like the previous phase. The women were lined up in long queue from the older women to the youngest.

The second phase vote recorded 55% across 32 seats in six districts includes Gaya, Aurangabad, Arwal, Jehanabad, Rohtas, and Kaimur. It is quite better than the 52% polls registered during 2010 election. In this second phase too women voter registered high with 57.5 percent than the men with 52.5 percent.

After the second phase of election Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal openly said BJP will badly lose the election while Nitish Kumar victory is sure. 'As per my information, Modiji is losing Bihar elections badly. Nitishji is winning the polls,' Kejriwal tweeted.

Meanwhile the three rallies that are scheduled have been cancelled by BJP. BJP says it is practically impossible to conduct the rallies since third phase election is conducted on October 28. The report also says the Modi facing NDA has not performed well in two phases.

Bihar Election First and Second Phase

Bihar Election First and Second Phase

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