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Central Government Cancelled Methane Project In Tamil Nadu

Central Government Cancelled Methane Project In Tamil Nadu

Central Government Cancelled Methane Project In Tamil Nadu

Farmers and social activists were always showed their protest against the extraction of Methane Tamil Nadu. The present state government was also opposed the project. Following that central government had cancelled the Methane project in the state. Union Minister of State of Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan had announced about this on Thursday.

Tamil Nadu Farmers welcome the move of the government regarding this. Cauvery Delta Farmers Protection Association secretary said state government had not given the clearance order which also passed resolution regarding this. Coal bead methane exploration project was aimed in the delta regions Thanjavur, Thiruvarur and Nagapattinam districts where there is major cultivation of rice.

Using the hydraulic fracturing of the land to extract the methane from the deep of the land will have dangerous effects. It will adversely affect the underground water level, land and farming. Several deep bores will be made during extraction that will week our land and cause damages to our buildings and architect too. We cannot do farming in that land in future due to lack of water and soil fertility.

Considering these worst effects on our soil farmers continued to protest against this project and finally wins it. Hope our government will not reopen this harsh project in future. Six long years of protest has come to a good end.

The strong protest was triggered by late activist natural farmer Dr. Nammalvar. He had died when he is in protest against this project. The film maker and journalist Era Saravanan who had made Katthu Kutti film was one of the main reasons for the ban. He had created the movie about the danger of extraction Methane from the land. It created awareness about the dangers between the farmers and people of the Tamil Nadu.

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Central Government Cancelled Methane Project In Tamil Nadu