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DMK Stalin Namaku Namey Vidiyal Meetpu Perani 2015

DMK Stalin Namaku Namey Vidiyal Meetpu Perani 2015

DMK treasurer M.K. Stalin is busy in his Namaku Namey Vidiyal Meetpu Perani 2015. Every day he visit one of the area and discusses with the people.

He also rides bike, cycle and tries to attract people. He is criticized by some of the people and politicians that he is doing this for the sake of assembly election which will be coming in 8 months. Stalin is not bothered about that and he continues meeting people in various areas.

Last week he started visiting Pudukkottai, Theni, Thanjavur, Nammakal, Madurai and Trichy. He had opened his heart at the speech given in Madurai. He said some peoples were saying it is drama but my aim is to know about the people's problems directly from them.

He also states in their previous ruling period there might happened mistakes by knowing or unknowingly and expressed regret on that. He joined in the meeting held at Thiruparakundram and met the people. One of the college students asked him whether his is doing all this for the advertisement or will it be continue when he comes to rule. Stalin replied to the student by asking the question what you think about this. The student said that she has confident and Stalin said to continue that confident.

Stalin used to go from area to another by walk also and meets the people. Stalin started his tour from Kanyakumari district on September 20th. He had visited Theni, Sivaganga, Ramanathapuram districts.

Stalin regrets for mistakes done by DMK on rule

DMK Stalin Namaku Namey Vidiyal Meetpu Perani 2015