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Folk artist Kovan arrested by Chennai Police

Folk artist Kovan arrested by Chennai Police

A Tamil Folk singer and dancer Kovan was arrested by Chennai Police at 2pm on Friday October 30. He was detained by the police for his song that tells whole Tamilnadu is under the influence of alcohol.

Kovan heads the Makkal Kalai Ilakkiya Kazhagam, a performer group based at Trichy. He recently released his song 'Moodu TASMAC Moodu' which criticized allegedly the present Tamilnadu government and tells whole Tamilnadu is addicted by alcohol. This song went viral on the social media.

He is the poet and also the folk dancer and singer who criticize the government and also sings about other social issues. Kovan case resembles the 2016 Oscar entry 'Court' film which tells about the folk artist struggles, arrested for the suicide of sewage cleaner.

Earlier in 2010 he had given interview in Vikatan. He is a ITI graduate and worked in BHEL at Trichy. His parents were poor farmers, his mother used to sing during farming and his father was a folk artists. He left his job and entered as full time singer of the social cause. He tells their members in the organizations travels all the villages and gathers their problems and composes song for that. He has the strong belief in communism and tells it is only way for the poor people to get their rights.

He was arrested for the song against the TASMAC shops in Tamilnadu and charged with various sections including sedition (124A). His lawyer says his arrest is against violating the citizen rights.

Senior Police officer confirmed his arrested and sections filed on him. They say investigation is going on and he will be remanded in the police custody for 15 days.

Police also raided house of the website owner for his arrest, who uploaded his songs. They have sung various songs on the social issues like price rise, education, Kudankulam project, illegal sand mining and other problems in the society.

Folk artist Kovan arrested by Chennai Police

Folk artist Kovan arrested by Chennai Police