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Jayalalitha Kicks Starts Campaign Highlights Liquor Ban

Jayalalitha Kicks Starts Campaign Highlights Liquor Ban

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and AIADMK head J Jayalalitha launched her party campaign 2 days before. She had started her campaign on Saturday for the Assembly election on May 16. She began to highlight her performance in her rule on Islands Grounds near Marina beach.

She said she had fulfilled all the promises made during 2011 election. She specially mentioned the power cuts during those days. Her government had worked hard to face the challenges left by minority DMK government who ruled Tamil Nadu before. AIADMK had met the demand of power and now the state has excessive power. Now there is uninterrupted power supply everywhere in the state she said.

She mentioned about the free grinder, mixies, goats, cows, Amma low price canteen, pharmacy and many more. Her first rally campaigned was started grandly and with positive waves at Chennai. There were nearly 80 propaganda vans with LED screens around the ground and outside.

A major highlight of this campaign is she had opened up with complete ban of alcohol in the state. Today at the campaign Tamil Nadu Chief Minister said she could completely ban the liquors in the state by phase by phase if she again comes to power.

'If AIADMK comes back to power prohibition will be introduced in phases, timing will be reduced, bars will be closed, number of liquor outlets will be reduced and rehabilitation center will be opened,' she promised at the campaign.

She also rose against DMK government chief Karunanidhi saying he had no rights to talk about liquor ban. She elaborated he is the one who first opened up the liquor centers on 1971 in the state. He had lifting prohibition on those days and he has no rights to speak about prohibition. She also added the sale of liquors has been doubled during Karunanidhi rule on 2010.

Stated like Gujarat, Nagaland, some parts of Manipur and Union territory Lakshadeep had prohibited liquor completely. Kerala has been implementing prohibition in phases from 2014. Kerala planed to prohibit alcohol completely step by step within 10 years.

Jayalalitha also spoke about their achievement in handling Chennai floods. Her government had paid Rs. 658 crores for relief and rehabilitation works to control diseases and homes to victims.

Today the campaign at Virudhachalam is to take place. Live speech of AIADMK leader can be watch on YouTube.

Jayalalitha Kicks Starts Campaign Highlights Liquor Ban

Jayalalitha Kicks Starts Campaign Highlights Liquor Ban

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