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Jayalalitha Vows to retrieve Katchatheevu Island

Jayalalitha Vows to retrieve Katchatheevu Island

Katchatheevu is an important issue to Tamil Nadu. It has been always the great trouble for Indian fishermen and their livelihoods. Retrieving the island remains the prestigious issue to Tamils. Katchatheevu was ceded to Sri Lanka during Indira Gandhi period on 1974 without approval of houses of the Parliament.

AIADMK says Karunanidhi party that has been in rule during that period did not take any steps to stop it. It never made any steps to retrieve island during his ruling periods. It was her government filed petition in Supreme Court in 2008.

Jayalalitha who approached the Supreme Court claiming resolution on Kachatheevu should be passed by both houses of Parliament. She also pointed out in 1960 Supreme Court stopped conceding Berubari in West Bengal to Bangladesh stating only after constitutional amendments from both houses the place should be given.

She raised questions why Karunanidhi been silent when the island conceded. She says everything happened with the knowledge of him. He is the only reason for the entire problem faced by fishermen today. She raised seven questions against Karunanidhi regarding this island.

Karunanidhi recalled the resolution moved by central government without his knowledge and he came to know from the news paper. He had said there was a sudden announcement on the island ceding from the central. He also added he had expressed deep disappointment regarding this and never accepted its ceding.

Jayalalitha quoted his controversial statements made by Karunanidhi earlier in 2013 and during 1974. She questioned him to say which statement is true.

Chief Minister Jayalalitha said she will involve in all possible ways to get the island back. She vows she will get back this island in the Assembly.

Jayalalitha Vows to retrieve Katchatheevu Island

Jayalalitha Vows to retrieve Katchatheevu Island

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