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Liquor Prohibition is not Possible says Tamilnadu government

For past two months demand for the prohibition of liquor was raised in Tamil Nadu. This demand was rejected by Tamilnadu government on Friday (25.09.2015) at the assembly.

On the assembly Minister Natham Vishwanathan announced there are no possibilities of bringing total liquor prohibition in Tamilnadu. Total prohibition will lead to anti social activities and it cannot be practical.

Minister of Electricity and Prohibition on the assembly states if the anti-liquor policy is implemented crime will be increased, illegal drinks will be emerged and death in this illegal and poisoned drinks may increase. He also stated the countries that announced total liquor prohibition was not able to implement it fully. Islams are against the liquor, but in some of Islamic countries they were not able to implement it.

He calls all the parties to get together and shall create awareness on evils of liquor among the people and it can't be done by the law.

He also quoted the points from the Sangam period that people have been drinking liquor and there were people opposing the liquor drinks from early Sangam period.

He said Sasiperumal death makes us regret but the way he fought against liquor is not acceptable.

Pudhiya Thamizhagam Krishnaswamy asks the government to implement the liquor prohibition step by step. Viswanathan said this policy was accepted by us but the implementation is not possible. It many increase crime activities and makes heavy loss for the government. When it is followed nationwide, Tamilnadu also brings liquor prohibition.

Opposition parties asked many question and he had given the answer and finally said there was no possibilities to implement total liquor prohibition in Tamilnadu.

Liquor Prohibition is not Possible says Tamilnadu government

Liquor Prohibition is not Possible says Tamilnadu government

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