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MK Statin Supports OPS At Assembly Today

MK Statin Supports OPS At Assembly Today

There is lack of transparency from Tamil Nadu legislative assembly. The common people and media were not allowed inside the assembly to monitor the special assembly for trust vote. No audios or videos provided to the press. The secret ballot demanded by O Pannerselvam and opposite party was refused by speaker P Dhanapal. Meanwhile MK Stalin had lent his support for OPS in the assembly.

Mics also been switched off inside the assembly. AIADMK senior person Sengottaiyan had been appointed as the leader of the house. He was sacked by the late CM Jayalalitha on 2012. After 5 years he came back to the cabinet.

Edappadi Palanisamy seeks the vote of confidence in the assembly. The voice vote had begun inside the Tamil Nadu assembly. Assembly was divided into six blocks to count vote heads. 38 MLs in each block were seated. There are 3 options before MLAs, first for the motion and second against motion and third are absentees.

MK Stalin request to postpone the voting session is rejected by the speaker. He says democracy will stand only when secret ballot voting is held. He asks why this hurry when governor has given 15 days time.

Latest Updates:

DMK MLAs damaged chairs and mics of the speaker. Speaker adjourned the assembly till 1 pm. One of the DMK MLA sat in the speaker's chair. They demands secret ballot voting and postpone the date.

Edapaddi Palanisamy Swearing Ceremony

MK Statin Supports OPS At Assembly Today

MK Statin Supports OPS At Assembly Today

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