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OPS Aggressive Campaign for AIADMK Sulur Candidate Kanthasamy in Assembly Elections 2019

OPS Campaign in Sulur Constituency.

OPS Campaign in Sulur Constituency.

Deputy Chief Minister Mr O. Paneerselvam started his campaign talk in Irugur a part of Sulur constituency with his typical calm voice and confident composure. He started accusing the previous DMK government of robbing people's money by rushing public welfare schemes and thus rendering it unhelpful to the poor and needy to whom it was supposed to be beneficial. "They robbed the people of their livelihood with the constant power outages", he said accusing them of destroying the power loom industry that is the backbone of the Sulur people.

Cauvery issue: He called DMK a negligent government who didn't do much when it came to the Cauvery issue. He then went on to explain the DMK's history in handling the issue. His statement is "When Karnataka wanted to build more dams across Cauvery, the government filed a case to prevent them from doing it. But after some time Mr M. Karunanidhi the then chief minister of Tamilnadu withdrew the case allowing them to build more dams. This is the cause of the water shortage now."

He also added, "The Cauvery water management authority gave its final verdict 12 years ago but It was not released as a government order during the central government rule of DMK – Congress alliance. It was Ms J. Jayalalitha who went to court and got the verdict as a government order in 2013".

No discrimination in TN: Talking about the discrimination in TN, he stated that the government is providing money and other assistance to make the holy Haj journey by Muslims every year. The government also provides money to Christian people to make the holy Jerusalem journey. Thus Tamilnadu is a state with a non-discriminative government.

TTV and Stalin collusion: He said that he was not threatened by the secret alliance of DMK and AMMK. He felt confident that no power can destroy ADMK despite the efforts of Stalin and TTV Dhinakaran which has been going on since the death of 'Amma'.

OPS Aggressive Campaign for AIADMK Sulur Candidate Kanthasamy in Assembly Elections 2019