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PM Narendra Modi Speech in Bhagalpur Parivarthan Rally

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on the fourth Parivarthan Rallies in Bhagalpur, Bihar. PM Modi says “such big leaders have only agenda Modi, Modi, Modi…” in his last rally on Tuesday 1st September.

Two days before present Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav and Congress President Sonia Gandhi have targeted Modi in their speech in the Patna's Gandhi Maidan.

PM had announced the special package to Bihar of 1.25 lakh crores for the development of the state. After that announcement Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said Modi to keep the promise made by him in last Lok Sabha election on 2014.

Nitish Kumar while launching projects in Patna said soon he will reveal the truth behind the PM’s package. PM’s special package contains the worth of the old projects also and it also contains the projects which benefits the other states.

Bihar CM promises many things in the meeting for the uplift of Bihar. He unveiled his 2.70 lakh crores package that will give free electricity and drinking water connection for every houses. He had made many promises to built Bihar.

Narendra Modi on his last rally in Bhagalpur said

'Election may come and go, but lives are precious' to the crowd while people climbing up the poles in the venue.

I was the first to call Bihar CM after the Nepal earthquake and asked about status in Bihar. We managed Nepal not to release water.

What were the people who ruled Bihar doing for past 25 years They should give account for what they have done. I will come again to Bihar in 2019 Lok Sabha election and gives you the statement for every money I spend to Bihar. They are not ready to give the account for past 25 years instead they ask only the question to Modi. Bihar needs a change and we can do it. India will grow when the Bihar grows is the thought of many people.

PM Narendra Modi Speech in Bhagalpur Parivarthan Rally

PM Narendra Modi Speech in Bhagalpur Parivarthan Rally

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