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Prohibit alcoholic drinks in Tamilnadu - Any Possibilities

Prohibit alcoholic drinks in Tamilnadu - Any Possibilities

Opposition parties are insisting to prohibit all the alcoholic drinks in Tamilnadu.

If the alcoholic drinks are prohibited it creates 15% lose in the income of Tamilnadu Government. Through this income Government is giving the zero price things to the common people. Next year election is to be conducted, in this situation is it possibility to prohibit the drinks

Government officials say that it creates 15% of total income for the government. Already there was a heavy deficiency in the budget and leads to Rs. 22000 crores lose in a year to the government.

In spite, if government prohibits the liquor it makes the people to go to near states like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Karnataka to buy it because these states have not banned. It may also leads the people to consume illegal liquor which may cause death. This should not be encouraged.

By considering the health of the people government can reduce the shop timing and limits the number of shops. It is not possible to stop the liquor immediately, says the Government.

Cost free plans from Alcoholic Consumption

From the income in alcoholic liquor Government makes many cost free schemes which credit the government. The schemes such as ration shop food allocation, electricity endowment, cost fee mixi, grinder, fan, laptop, cycle, books, school uniforms, footwear, children’s development scheme and other schemes will be disturbed. Government can't get the credits and votes in the forth coming election if it ban the alcoholic shops.

Opposition DMK party said if it comes to the power they will prohibit the liquor completely.

The Tamilnadu BJP leader Tamilisai Sundarajan said that the DMK leader Karunanidhi is cause for the whole liquor drinking society and he has to apologies for that.

The politician and writer Tamilaruvi Manian said that Karunanidhi is making a drama to get the votes of people in the upcoming election. He will not do anything when he comes to power.

There are many letters to the press and medias from the readers showing their thought against the DMK leader Karunanidhi's statement.

Latest updates:

Although protest is downing for past one week, some political parties is gearing up. Mainly DMK is gearing up and asking the protesters not to stop it and planned to organize the meeting to encourage the anti liquor movement.

The Tamilnadu BJP leader Tamilisai Sundarajan says the protest against the liquor was diverted and dropping down by the words of EVKS Elangovan against the Chief Minister and Prime Minister meeting.

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Prohibit alcoholic drinks in Tamilnadu - any Possibilities

Prohibit alcoholic drinks in Tamilnadu - Any Possibilities