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Rama Mohana Rao Says his Life is in Danger

Rama Mohana Rao Says his Life is in danger

Following the income tax raids on Tamil Nadu former chief secretary P Rama Mohana Rao he had been suspended from the post. He condemns the state and central governments saying he is still the chief secretary appointed by Puratchi Thalaivi Jayalalitha.

He said he did not get the search warrant at his premises in his name. It would not happen if honourable former Chief Minister Jayalalitha is alive. Addressing the press conference he said that he had placed under house arrest by the CRPF at gunpoint. He told to reporters outside his house that his life is in danger. He raised series of questions about the house arrest and raid done at gun point.

He said he is still a Chief Secretary and did they get CM's permission. Before raiding, my post should be taken off but they did not do that. His name was not mentioned anywhere to raid his premises expect his son's name who does not stay at his residence.

Mr. Rao said he knew businessman and PWD contractor Sekhar Reddy but had no connection with business. Sekhar Reddy who was arrested following the extensive raid at his premises and his associates S Ramachandran and K Rathinam. They have bigger role in sand mining in southern districts.

Few days before Geetha, family friend of former CM Jayalalitha along with 20 members filed complaint against Sasikala and Apollo Hospital due to mystery in former CM's death. They are strong in their position to get the justice for Amma's death. Hope they will remain stronger in future even if they face several hurdles from opposite side.

Rama Mohana Rao Says his Life is in danger

Rama Mohana Rao Says his Life is in Danger

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