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Sagayam IAS Speaks to Youth about his Political View

Sagayam IAS Speaks to Youth about his Political View

Sagayam IAS Speaks to Youth about his Political View

Several youngsters are much concerned about IAS Sagayam to enter into politics. They wanted Sagayam to make big different in politics too. Sagayam followers and some social organizations are also insisting him to take part in forth coming election. For those people Sagayam had recently published his talk as video on the WhatsApp. It is going viral on the internet. His speech is more humble and brings out reality.

He says 'these youngsters who involved in gathering the support for me shows their confident on me and also it shows how their love towards the state and society. They wanted to get nation and politics without bribery and corruption. It is the dream of the youths in our nation. I respect their thought and dream. What I am trying to tell is Politics should be seen as the part of the society. We say there is no purity and honest in politics; the same thing is happening in various other sections of our society. We have to note this too. Those who want to bring honest and purity in the politics should start with the society. We have to try to bring changes in our society which is flooded with all impurities. I believe, if we bring the honesty and make pure society first, this society will easily make changes in politics and turns good.

So my dear youngsters, we have to look beyond this election oriented politics in our society. There are many things are there to get changed. I kindly ask you to make your strength, power and wisdom for the development of our society. I wish to bring you on the social developments works. I think our society needed your work and there are lots of things to be done for our society developments. We have to develop green environment. Many tree siblings should be planted, watered and should be saved.

We can concentrate on cleaning lakes and river beds which is the most important factors for our society. It will be very useful for our farmers and agriculture which are our backbone of our country. The lakes and rivers are the treasures to our nation that should be saved. We have to bring the awareness about the nature and its use. We can give hands to our farmers who are starving and who are helpless with no proper guidance. We can show kindness to the people who are poor and needy.

We can also lend our hands to the mentally retorted children, physically challenged persons and also for transgender. We can bring out the talents of the young generation who are poor. We can do many helps to the poor people in our society. There are much more things to do with our society. So we can do all these social works.

We can also help the election commission in the forthcoming election to conduct it without any issues. We have the responsibility to vote the election with honest. We have to be honest during election without getting money from the political parties.

You can also be against the bribery and corruption. You can do it and make difference in the society. And these things bring good change in the politics also. So beloved youngster, you keep yourself engaged in these activities and kindly make the difference. I am ready to be with you and guide you in all these activities.'


Sagayam IAS Speaks to Youth about his Political View

Sagayam IAS Speaks to Youth about his Political View