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Tamil Nadu Election 2016 Seized Amount

Tamil Nadu Election 2016 Seized Amount

Tamil Nadu Election 2016 Seized Amount

Assembly Election Campaign in Tamil Nadu is coming to end this evening at 6 pm. Polling will be held on May 16 through out Tamil Nadu in single phase. For past one month election campaign got geared up across the state. All parties have given their manifestos to the people. In meantime, Election commission had seized more than 100 crores in various parts of Tamil Nadu. It is said that over 45 crores was released after verification. That was people's money and does not belong to any parties.

The latest seized amount is Rs. 570 crores carried in 3 containers on Saturday two days before the polls. Investigations are being carried out about the amount. Two days ago Election commission seized 92 crores and they were not confirmed about the party.

TN Election Commission urges people to vote ethically and not to sell their votes to any parties. Many celebrities are insisting the same. They insist people to vote, vote for the deserve candidate and vote honestly. Some celebrities like RJ Balaji create awareness to the youngsters to analyze the candidate and vote for proper candidate. Celebrities like Simbu, Prabhu Deva had released the vote song to create awareness of voting and ethical voting.

Tamil Nadu Election Commission is keeping on updating about their seized amount. Here are some of their updates posted in their social media page.

'Seizure of RS.5 lakhs made in the terrace of a lodge in. Thanjavur along with voter list. FIR lodged,' posted by TN Election CEO.

'Vellore- Rs 19.68 lakhs seized across 12 cases. Complaints lodged at the police station concerned against the accused'

'A total seizure of Rs 17.7 lakhs by different squads today in Salem North. Further verification underway.'

'In Rasipuram, FS seized Rs.10,450/- from partymen. FIR being filed.'

'Rs.17,000/- Seized by ,zonal Flying Squad Poonamalle during distribution'

'RS.12,20,000 seized by Flying Squad of Madurai East Constituency from a vehicle'

'Rs 50000 seized in kanniyakumari AC from Party functionaries while cash distribution. FIR is being filed now.'

'Rs. 26000 seized while distributing money for voters in manamadurai. 2 persons taken to police custody. FIR is being filed.'

'Another 15 lakh siezed from Bathroom of a lodge in Thanjavur along with papers'

'Vellore cash seizures last night -1 Rs 170500 kuppam Anaicut 1 person arrested Rs 20000 pallikuppam 1 person arrested'

'Tiruvannamalai - last night 14 cash seizures total Rs 5 lakhs, 4 liquor seizures. Cmltv from 12th -32 cash and 8 liquor seizures'

These are posted by Tamil Nadu Election commission on social media page.

Tamil Nadu Election 2016 Seized Amount

Tamil Nadu Election 2016 Seized Amount