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Tamilnadu Election was a Big Challenge: Chief Electoral Officer Satyabrata Sahu

Chief Electoral Officer Satyabrata Sahu about TN Election

Chief Electoral Officer Satyabrata Sahu about TN Election

Tamilnadu Election was a big challenge: State chief electoral officer Satyabrata Sahu said that biggest challenge was to prevent money for vote in the Lok Sabha polls in Tamilnadu. The state completed its 38 Lok Sabha constituency election on 18th April. Satyabrata Sahu who worked for 40 days since the announcement. The successful end of lok sabha election was on his face. He mentioned that more than 100 committees were formed under district council across the state. About 3,50,000 employees were directly and indirectly involved in the work. 

In the Lok Sabha Election, 72 percent of the votes were reported. He thanked the voters and the people involved in this, regardless of the some forces and hard work. When answering for the vote machine repair in some places, he mentioned the machines are heavily used and it is possible to repair around 200 or 300 batteries. It is not necessary to cut off the wires and the electronic component of the machine. He said it was immediately fixed with replacement machines. 

He said special camps arranged on every Sundays in the months of September and October last year. In those special camps, rural people  were more interested in visiting than the urban residents. We also created helpline and also a website http://www.nvsp.in to check the vote name. Voters have to check four months before the election.

Awareness programs were conducted in rural areas about the use of the machines(Vivipad). That was well received among the public. He also mentioned that worst incidents happened in Tamilnadu election. Political parties are ready to pay the voters. The biggest challenge was to prevent it. He mentioned that they worked with Income tax Department to prevent cash delivery. 

The officer shared that even the growing American race has not crossed 60 percent of vote in last 4 election. This is the biggest achievement in Lok Sabha Elections in Tamilnadu with a record of 72 percent. Asked about alternative arrangements for those who do not vote, he answered that ordinary people are ready to vote. But luxury people do not like it. They are asking to vote online. Postal mail is misused by the parties. If online method came into process, the voters can be misused and threaten by the political parties itself. So it is safe for the voters to come to the common polling both and vote. 

Finally he mentioned that this election was full satisfaction to his level especially the arrangements for physically challenged voters.

Tamilnadu Election was a Big Challenge: Chief Electoral Officer Satyabrata Sahu