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120 Years of First Modern Olympics Games

120 Years of First Modern Olympics Games

Google celebrates 120th anniversary of first modern Olympics games with a Doodle. As Olympic is gearing up this year in Brazil, Google designed its doodle with 4 different games.

The modern Olympics Games started in 1896 held from April 6 to 15 at Athens in Greece. It is started with 241 athletes from 14 nations with 43 events. In the first modern Olympic only male athletes participated. For the first place silver medal is given and copper for second place. The ancient Olympic Games were there from 776 BC.

This was grown for many decades and now several thousand of players all around the world are participating in the events. From 206 nations it is expected more than ten thousand athletes compete in 306 events in this Olympics. Presently there are 136 women events, 161 men events and 9 mixed. This Olympic takes place in Rio De Janeiro at Brazil starts from August 5th to 21st.

Sales of the ticket were already started in Brazil. Its government is looking to attract the audience and tourists for their place. Ticket sales was dull and authorities of Brazil were facing numerous crisis to held the Olympics. Tourists were not attracted to the spot where there is fear of Zika virus, high crime rate and others. The ministry of sport is extremely busy to making people aware of the sport event in the local and also to attract the foreigners to buy tickets. They had assured about the precautionary measures on the virus and on other issues.

It is considered as the most prestigious sport event throughout the world. The athletes take it as the most remarkable to participate in the game and win gold medal. They consider it as the life time achievement in their sport career.

120 Years of First Modern Olympics Games

120 Years of First Modern Olympics Games

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