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Center permits Tamil Nadu to conduct Jallikattu

Center permits Tamil Nadu to conduct Jallikattu

Center permits Tamil Nadu to conduct Jallikattu: Central government on Friday 8 Jan 2016, allowed the state to conduct jallikattu during the Pongal festival. Jallikattu (bull taming sport) is the traditional event that taking place during the traditional Tamil Nadu winter festival.

The sport was banned by Supreme Court during May 2014 stating the welfare of the animals used in the jallikattu. Animal activist in India is against this sport, they say it was cruelty to the animals. Particular type of bull breed is used in the game. The bull will be left free and people try to control the bull. Mostly people will be hurt during the sport. At least some people will be killed and several people will be severely wounded during the event. As per the report over 200 were died during the sport in last 2 decades.

The Animal Welfare Board of India filed case against jallikattu and Supreme Court got banned jallikattu on 2014.

Union Minister Pon Radhakrishnan announced about this on his twitter page this Friday. Union Environment and Forest and Climate Change Minister Prakash Javdekar informed him about it. The center had given permission after the state Chief Minister written letter stating to take steps in allowing the Tamil Nadu traditional sport. Many political parties also urged center to allow the jallikattu in the state.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha thanked PM Narendra Modi.

'I am very grateful to you for your prompt response in the matter, which has enabled the conduct of 'Jallikattu', a sport which upholds traditional cultural values and traditions of Tamil Nadu and has great historical significance and also ensures the conservation of native germplasm and continuance of traditional breeds of indigenous cattle.' CM stated in the letter to PM Modi.

Many politician including Tamil Nadu Congress, MDMK, PMK welcomed the move while many other opposed the step taken by the center.

Unlike, Spanish sport killing bulls in the game Jallikattu (Manju Virattu or Eruthazhuvuthal) is the game that have not intention to hurt bulls. It shows Tamils bravery and person who controls the bull wins the prize in the event. People who eat meats (either cow, bull, goat or any kind of animals) has no rights to say jallikattu will harm the animals and it is a cruel thing.

Center permits Tamil Nadu to conduct Jallikattu