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Coimbatore Parasailer Falls to Death by Lack of Safety

Coimbatore Parasailer Falls to Death by Lack of Safety

On Sunday, 53-years-old Parasailer falls to death from 50 m high at Coimbatore in front of his friends. The adventurous thrilling sport turned to tragic event at Codissia ground when the business men flew up with para suit after enrolling his name as the sixth person.

Resident from KTVR Malleshwara Rao falls from 50 meter high with a minute of rising in the sky. He was crashed to ground and died at spot. After inquires police found the belt strapped around him became loose that lead to this tragic event.

The event was organized by Indian Aerospace and Sports Club and Coimbatore Medical College (CMC) on Sunday as part of CMC's golden jubilee celebrations.  Several persons enrolled for the parasailing on that day. It was Malleshwara Rao took the parasailing as a second person. He falls into the ground in a minute of departure from 50 m and found injured in many parts of his body.

He was rushed to the hospital with vehicle. There are no precautionary measures or Ambulance stationed in sporting venue. The doctors announced he had brought died.

When he was falling there was a huge crying and loud from viewers around and they rushed near him. Malleshwara Rao had survived with his wife Padmeswari and two children in Peelamedu KVTR Residency. He came to get thrill of Parasailing with his wife and friends on the holiday.

The investigations are carried out by the police whether to find it is negligence of the authorities or it is an accident. Police believe this accident would be avoided if the victim would be strapped properly. He would not able to hold the moving Para suit not more than 2 minutes.

The police officials say the organizers failed to get permission from police to conduct this sport. The case was filed for this incident and investigation carried out by police.

Coimbatore Parasailer Falls to Death by Lack of Safety

Coimbatore Parasailer Falls to Death by Lack of Safety

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