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Silambam: Traditional and Martial Arts of Tamilnadu

Silambam: Traditional and Martial Arts of Tamilnadu

Brief History of Silambattam or Silambam

The Sangam literature shows that Silambam is practiced before 200 BC. In 14th century it was largely practiced for the war. It is Dravidian traditional Martial Arts.

The kings in the South India Puli Thevar, Veerapandiya Kattabomman and Marudhu Pandiyar were well versed in Silambam.

This is a main tool to fight against the British army. This Silambam was slowly vanished when the British people ruled our country and prohibited our Martial Art Silambam. They began to make us learn their sports event and Martial arts.

Silambam Today

Today Silambam is well known Martial Arts in India and Malaysia. In Malaysia many are learning our Martial Arts and made as an event in the cultural shows.

It is widely practiced in Tamilnadu. Most of the student shows their interest in Silambam than in other foreign Martial Arts. Now people began to realize benefits of Silambam.

Like Silambattam, Our traditional dances are Thappattam, Oyillattam, Kavadi attam, Kolattam, Kummi, Mayil attam, Karragattam, Bommalattam, Devarattam and many more. Many of us mistaken that these dances are considered as the folk dances and these are the dances for the village people. No, these dance are followed by our ancestor and each dance has its own unique style and makes the people to enjoy and relax.

There are vast techniques in the Silambam that take many years to learn it. The main weapon is Bamboo staff made from Bamboo. Other weapons are knife, sword, deer horns are followed in different types of Silambam.

Last year in 2014, 10 students from Tamilnadu were selected to participate in World Silambattam Championship that was held at Malaysia.

Many schools and colleges are taking interest in our traditional Martial art Silambam. The girls and boys are getting participated in this and winning the medals in Nationwide. Silambattam should be recognized as an international event.  

Latest News on Silambam

The Bihar Silambam Association is tend to organize 25 days camp in September 2015. They started the website www.biharsilambam.com. Here they will post the latest information on the sport conducted in State or National level tournaments.

Silambam: Traditional and Martial Arts of Tamilnadu

Silambam: Traditional and Martial Arts of Tamilnadu