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Apple Launches New iPhones iPad Pro and Apple TV

Apple launched new iphones 6s, iphone 6s plus, iPad Pro and Apple TV yesterday (9.9.2015) at San Francisco.

Apple showcases the new products on Wednesday by chief executive Tim Cook. The larger iPad Pro with 12.9 inches compared with 9.7 inches of Apple iPad Air.

Apple says it has the battery of life 10 hours and it will be easier for the business people using this instead of laptops. iPad starts with the price $799 with 32 GB memory. It also introduced smart stylish keyboard which cost $169 and Apple Pencil for writing and drawing purpose in the iPad cost $99. iPad Pro with Keyboard and Pencil cost $1067.

These new products will be available in the market from November.

Apple introduced next new product iphone 6s and iPhone 6s plus with larger screens and camera with 12 mega pixels. Apple says it has the new feature of 3D touch which can sense how hard the user touches the screens and buttons. It gives the feedback when they touch the screen. It also makes user to easy access of menus. It comes with the new glass which Apple tells it is strongest and with rose-gold finish.

Previous versions of iPhone will have the drop and the new iPhone 6s cost $200 and iPhone 6s plus cost $300. Apple has its own payment system in which buyer can do monthly payment and can be upgrade their phones every year.

These new iPhones will be available in the market from September 12th in about 12 countries.

Apple has introduced new versions of iPhone and iPad last year which again made improvement to attract customers. It has the high competitions with Microsoft, Samsung and Google and it has to upgrade its iPhone and iPad and introduce new products to the customer at regularly interval.

It has also presented Apple TV which offers video games, shopping and Travel apps is added with Videos and Music that is already available in the Apple TV. Apple says it focuses on the home entertainment and they believe future of television is apps.

Apple TV with these additional features starts with the price $149 with 32 GB storage and $199 with 62 GB storage. This is higher than the previous Apple TV cost $70. Apple introduced Apple TV set-top box since 2007.

This new Apple TV comes with the new remote with touch pad and also responds to the voice commands. It also has option of playing video game by the remote through the internet to television. This new set-top box TV will be available in the market from October says Apple.

Apple Launches New iPhones iPad Pro and Apple TV

Apple Launches New iPhones iPad Pro and Apple TV

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