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Facebook Like button will soon have emotions

Facebook is about to launch the new features other than the Like button. People can able to express their views through emotional animated emojis.

In Facebook only Like and dislikes buttons are available, people can't express any other views still date. On behalf of people demand and convenience Facebook is about to release the new features in nearby.

The six animated emojis to be featured in the Like button. 'Love' with hear symbol, 'Haha' with eye closed and laughing emoji, 'Yay' for happy with eye closed smile, 'Wow' for surprise, 'Sad' with teared eyes, 'Angry' with hard face. These six different types of emotions and 1 like button can capture people's wider range of reactions.

A month ago Facebook CEO Mark Zukerburg said Dislike button is most asked for features, and is the ways to give users express their empathy. He explained it there is any refugee news and any family member passed away, there is no way to like or dislike. The people are uncomfortable in these postings.

Facebook will first launch and test these features in Spain and Ireland and then it will extend to other countries.

Facebook also introduced New Immersive Video Formats on August. Celebrities can share their live video with their fans. This made 360 video to roll on the Facebook on September. Facebook test the new features that make people to view the videos in different ways at different time and giving more flexibility in watching videos.

While watching videos people may wants to do multiple task on the screen. Facebook is in testing process to bring this process live and many other features related to videos.

Facebook Like button will soon have emotions

Facebook Like button will soon have emotions

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