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Google introduces AMP for fast access of web in Cell phones

Google introduces AMP for fast access of web in Cell phones

It is great news for publishers and the people who want to access the web from the cell phones more quickly.

Now many people were accessing the information from their smart phones and tablets. They can know the news from their smart phones immediately. Sometimes they lose the information and fed up by the late loading of the website. When the web page takes time to load, publishers or the website owners may lose the readers and revenues generated by them.

The web giant Google has come up with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on Wednesday which aims at improving the performance of the mobile web. In recent days many web giants had launched their new products for the news in the mobile.

Apple had launched Apple News, Facebook had launched Instant Articles and Twitter also launched Moments.

Unlike Facebook, Apple and Twitter; Google had aimed at the instant load of the web page and launched AMP.

Google says webpage which consist of videos, animations and graphics should be loaded instantly and code should work on all platforms and in any type of mobile phones. The project based on AMP HTML technology which allows building light weight web pages and it is an open source project.

Google aims at producing more functionality in the key areas like content, distribution and advertising. They have collaborated with many publishers and technology companies like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, The New York Times, Financial Times, Huffington, Vox media and many others.

Google news head Gingras addressed the event held on Wednesday at Manhattan. Gingras said 'This is about making sure the World Wide Web is not the World Wide Wait.'

'We love the World Wide Web. To some degree, on mobile, it has not fully satisfied users' expectations and we are hoping to change that,' said Gingras in the event.

The new AMP HTML have restricted Java script and other third party codes. CSS is strictly limited and can be relaxed later and some tags in HTML5 are also replaced with AMP tags and some tags in HTML were banned. The new Amp HTML is designed to support mobile content in modern style with high instant performance.

Google introduces AMP for fast access of web in Cell phones

Google introduces AMP for fast access of web in Cell phones