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Growing Cattle Food without Soil

Growing Cattle Food without Soil

Growing cattle food without soil will be surprise for us, but this type of farming is followed successfully in many countries like Holland, Israel, France, England, Australia and Canada for many years.

This type of farming is called as Hydroponics. Recently this technology came to India and now in Tamilnadu. Some farmers in Tamilnadu is growing the cattle food in this method.

In recent years, there is a decrease in the agricultural areas due to the increase of plots and industries. Also the rainfall does not come at proper time. Seasonal rainfall is decreasing and cyclone rainfall is increasing. In this situation this Hydroponics methods will give us hands.

In this method we can grow cattle food within 7 to 8 days and needs very less water and can be grown throughout the year. It gives us good quality, taste and nutrient throughout the year. It does not need any chemicals or pesticides because it is free from soil or dust.

In about 300 sq ft we can grow about 800 to 1000 kg. The seeds which is used should be very well dried and in good quality. If the seed undergoes natural seed treatment, we can get strong high resistance power seed. It should be grown in Green House in 24 to 27 degree Celsius and its moisture should be 80 to 90%.

The yield is got in 7 to 15 days and it ranges 500 - 600 kgs in 300 sq ft. It takes only 1 to 2 liters of water daily. But in soil farming it takes many days and needs 60 to 70 liters of water. It has more nutrition also.

The farmers and cattle owners can grow your cattle feeds in this method and you can be benefited reducing the cost, water and time. More nutritious food can be obtained which makes your cow to yield good quality and more quantity of milk.

For More details Contact Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.

Growing Cattle Food without Soil

Growing Cattle Food without Soil