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Hundreds of New Galaxies Found using Radio Waves

Hundreds of New Galaxies Found using Radio Waves

Scientists discovered hundreds of new galaxies which are hidden beyond our Milky Way Galaxy using radio waves. Researchers from several countries United States, Australia, South Africa and Netherlands explains this findings could help to know about the mysterious gravitational phenomenon called Great Attractor.

The researchers found 883 galaxies detected by the radio waves in which some are found relatively close in 250 million light years away. Some of these galaxies about a third were discovered earlier. They urge to find the mysterious gravitational force that drives the galaxies to come close with each other.

The lead scientist in this research say they did not actually know what is causing this gravitational acceleration on the Milky Way or where it is coming from.

They say we have clusters (collection of galaxies) or super clusters near the Great Attractor to which our Milky Way galaxy is moving at the speed of 2 million kilometer per hour. The scientists believe these collections of galaxies would help them to find super gravitational power (Great Attractor). This is attracting thousands and millions of galaxies towards it with gravitational force of million billion suns.

'The Zone of Avoidance' (ZoA) is known as the area of our galaxy sky. It covers the area of 20 percent in the sky. The dust and the star light covers the major portion and hides the view beyond it when seen in optical telescope and looks like nothing says the scientist.

Though they have range of techniques they have succeeded by Parkes telescope that uses Radio waves to observe the space. The scientist said it allowed us to really find hundreds of hidden galaxies beyond the Milky Way.

Hundreds of New Galaxies Found using Radio Waves

Hundreds of New Galaxies Found using Radio Waves

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