NASA found Signs of water in today Mars

       Published : Oct 04, 2015 10:20 IST    

Mars, a red planet is our neighboring planet which is smaller than earth and has less gravity and thinner atmosphere. Many researches are being carried out on Mars to find any possibilities of life in that cold planet. NASA has found sign of water first in 2010 and had sent various space craft to the Mars from 1971.

Scientist from NASA have confirmed first time as there are signs of water in the present day Mars. It shows the evidence of the photos taken by space orbiter. NASA tells the dark streaks were formed near the equator in the summer season while it disappears in the winter seasons of the planet. NASA says the water may be present under the surface of the red mars and they say they have found the clear evidence as well.

NASA scientist said the pictures taken by various orbiters suggest Mars once had vast amount of water and oceans but now mars appears to be cold desert place. Latest discovery says there is still presence of water in the Mars that could have the chance of the microbial life on the Mars since water is very essential to the life existence.

As NASA has planned to send the humans in 2030 on Mars could confirm the water in the Mars. Once after seeing and touching the water confirms 100 percent of presence of water on Mars. Experts from various countries expressed their different opinion of the water present in the today's mars.

NASA found Signs of water in today Mars

NASA found Signs of water in today Mars

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