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NASA Sought Mercury Passing Sun

NASA Sought Mercury Passing Sun

NASA Sought Mercury Passing Sun

Mercury transit across the sun is viewed from earth. NASA sought the transit and shared it to the people. It is highly dangerous to view the sight through our naked eyes.

It is also impossible to our naked eyes, because Mercury looks very tiny as like dot. This small and fastest planet revolves round the sun in 88 earth days. It is three times smaller than earth. Mercury has the large variation in the temperature. It varies from -173 degree C at night to 427 degree C at day time.

It is a rare transit that occurs only 13 or 14 times in a century. It can be seen next in 2019, 2032 and 2049. The transit of Mercury is first observed by the French astronomer Pierre Gassendi through the telescope in 1631. It was last observed in November 2006. After 10 years again transit was observed yesterday evening. It is sough by NASA and posted in their social media page.

The transit was viewed in several parts of the world including India. Some parts of the world did not witness the transit. It can be seen when sun, mercury and earth comes on same line. The whole transit will be visible in South America, some parts of North America, some parts of Africa, The Arctic and Greenland.

The transit cannot be seen in Japan and Australia. Partial view is seen in India, Africa, Saudia Arabia, some Europe countries and Russia.

In India, there is only partial transit was witnessed. The whole transit last completely for 7.5 hours while in India it is seen only for 2 hours in some places and in some places less than 2 hours. Delhi saw the transit for 2 hours 20 minutes starting from 4:41 pm. In Mumbai, it last for 2 hours 24 minutes while in Kolkata and Chennai it is more or less 1 hour 45 minutes.

NASA Sought Mercury Passing Sun