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New Horizon Photos on Pluto Surprises the Scientist of NASA

New Horizon spacecraft sent by NASA had taken the first color image of Pluto and its largest moon Charon on April 9th 2015. The image was taken from the distance of about 115 million Kilometers.

New Horizon has taken nine and half years that traveled more than 3 billion miles to reach the Pluto system.

The new fascinating photos of the new world Pluto was taken by New Horizon spacecraft on July 11th 2015. It was taken from one million miles apart.

New close up images makes the scientist to surprise about the young ice mountains which ranges the high 11,000 feet.

Jeff Moore is a team leader of GGI (Geology, Geophysics, and Imaging) in NASA says 'This is one of the youngest surfaces we’ve ever seen in the solar system'.

Scientist says that Methane and Nitrogen ice covers is largely seen in Pluto. This ice covers is not much strong to create the mountains. Some other materials like water ice should make the mountains which could be stronger in Pluto's climate.

Another surprise for the scientist is what makes the Pluto heated. They say like some of the icy moons in giant planets, Pluto cannot be heated by gravitational interactions.  Some other process should be there.

Pluto's largest moon Charon photo is also surprising the scientist. Its stretches about 600 miles and there is a lack of crates.

More surprises can be revealed for the scientist in the upcoming days by the research of New Horizon.

Initially Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930. He is no more to see Pluto through New Horizon, but his ash was taken by the New Horizon to the planet that he had found. The first seen region named after him is a great honor given to Clyde Tombaugh says his son Alden.

New Horizon Photos on Pluto Surprises the Scientist of NASA

New Horizon Photos on Pluto Surprises the Scientist of NASA

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