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New Technology to reverse the Urine passed on the wall

This mistake is done by most of the people not only in poor or developing countries but also in developed countries. This problem causes nuisance to the public and for the house owners.

In order to stop this situation new technique was found recently in San Fransisco, USA. The technique was the Super Hydrophobic Paint which is UV coated for the repelling urine. What this paint will do This paint can be painted on the wall. When somebody is passing urine in this wall, the urine gets reversed to the same person as boomerang.

This technique is under testing in San Fransisco, they have been painted for more than 10 walls around the city and waiting for the results.

When this is carried out successful, this method will be very much useful to the other countries also where the people creates the nuisance like this.

What makes the water repel

The nano technology in the paint that has the layer of air cause water to repel. The surface contains nano particles which forms a rough and dry surface. It has air inside the layer which makes to repel. This was tested by using water and it repels to the owner.

To paint the wall takes is costly. The sources say it tales several hundred dollars to paint it and it is better one to avoid the nuisance.

New Technology to reverse the Urine passed on the wall

New Technology to reverse the Urine passed on the wall

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