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Samsung unveils new smartphone and phablet

Samsung unveils new smartphone and phablet

Samsung unveils new Galaxy note phablet and S6 Edge Plus smart phone to boost up its sale and to compete Apple smart phones.

Samsung Electronics, a South Korean company which was top in Smart Phone Technology got back due the introduction of iphone S6 model of Apple and also some competitive price sales of Chinese company such as Huawei Technologies and Xiaomi.

On Thursday 13th August Samsung announced two products of its latest developments. One is new Galaxy Note 5 phablet which is stylish and other one is larger version of smart phone S6 Edge Plus.

Samsung also announced that it will launch its products first in South Korea and US. Then in future it would extent to UK.

Samsung says it is committed in offering a high end technology to their customers and providing best and ultimate viewing experience in smart phone multimedia.

This smart phone has new technology Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) where user can able to make contact less payment by credit card magnetic strip reader.

Samsung says on the launch of its Galaxy S6 edge plus, it offers world first curve dual edge display with new features and large 5.7 inch screen. In this large screen the user can able to view extra half inch bigger due to its curve dual edge technology. It can be viewed larger than iphone 6 plus.

In spite of launching two new versions of flagship Galaxy smart phone this year on March, Samsung is facing the drawback in its market share. Apple is a lead in the smart phone after the launch of its new iphones last year. Samsung market share was decreasing from it. There prevails a touch competition in the market so Samsung sees the place to overcome this competition.

Samsung unveils new smartphone and phablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Photos

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Samsung unveils new smartphone and phablet