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Scientist Dare Risky Experiment under Water

Scientist Dare Risky Experiment under Water

Norway scientists proved the science phenomenon intensity of the water is high than the air by a risky experiment.  That is he proved it by shooting himself under the water.

He had submerged inside the water by his head outside the water in a pool. He had set the shooting stand before him at 3 meter distance. He started his counting from three, two, one and when it is zero, he pulled the rope that was attached to the gun. The bullet in the gun started forcefully but dropped within short distance. The bullet cannot travel in water as fast as in air. This proved once again the water molecules are closer together than the air molecules. The video was posted by NRK Viten, the official broadcaster of the science experiments and exploitation.

To show the difference the physicists Andreas Wahl done this experiment without any safety measurements other than seen in the video. Moreover the video warns the public not to repeat it and it is strongly not recommended. It tells it was advance tested with the professionals.

Science or scientist had proved many times water is heavier than air. This was the new method to prove it again taking his life into risk. Water is heavier than air because it is Denser. It is based on the molecules packed in unit volume.

Water has the density of 1000 kilograms per cubic meter while air has density about 1.29 kilometers per cubic meter. According to this the movement of object inside the water is harder than the outside. Here the bullet had to pull really hard through the water and falls down as soon as it was out. Actually the bullet from this rifle can easily pass 1.5 km through air says the scientist.

After this experiment, the scientists came out with excitement to being proved the science and explained about his experiment to the media and public.

Scientist Dare Risky Experiment under Water

Scientist Dare Risky Experiment under Water

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