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Scientist found evidence of big 9th planet beyond Neptune

Scientist found evidence of big 9th planet beyond Neptune

Scientist says there is large planet beyond Neptune that is revolving around the sun. But still they could not see directly with telescope as this is so far away from our solar system. After Neptune is Pluto was discovered which is known as dwarf planet.

They say this new planet is as big as Neptune and it is 10 times bigger than the earth. The Scientists hope to find this planet with telescope within in five years. This planet is orbiting the sun far behind the Neptune and its orbit is so elongated. They have discovered its orbit is out of the Kuiper-belt.

The distance is eight times greater than the distance of Neptune from Sun. It may be 15 times massive as large as Earth and the distance could be 250 or up to 1000 astronomical units. It is more or less of about 1500 billion kilometers from the sun says the scientists. This is only an estimated location of the planet X from the Sun. This planet could take about 15000 years to orbit the Sun where as Neptune takes nearly 165 years to revolve round the Sun.

Our known planets are within the Kuiper belt. Many objects are discovered in recent decades that are beyond the Kuiper belt which includes several dwarf planets. Some are beyond 150 astronomical units.

Neptune was discovered in 1846. After that researchers found objects beyond Neptune. Before 10 years Pluto was considered as the 9th planet and after discovering the larger objects, Pluto is declared as a dwarf planet.

Another exciting news is from Jan 20 to Feb 20, 2016 our nearest planets can be seen in the dark sky. This is a very rare scene after 2005 says the report. These 5 planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn can be seen with our naked eyes. It will be clear an hour before the sun rise; it may be around from 4 to 5.30 am.

Scientist found evidence of big 9th planet beyond Neptune

Scientist found evidence of big 9th planet beyond Neptune

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