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Scientists Discovered New Plastic Eating Bacteria

Scientists Discovered New Plastic Eating Bacteria

Japanese scientists discovered new plastic eating bacteria that can actually eat plastic. The bacteria may break down the most widely used plastic material polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

The scientist says that it may break down low quality plastic in six weeks. For higher qualities it may take more weeks to break down. According to CNN published on Friday on academic journal 'Ideonella sakaiensis, a species of bacteria breaks down the plastic by producing two enzymes to hydrolyze PET and a primary reaction intermediate, eventually yielding basic building blocks for growth'.

This finding may lead to further discoveries of bacteria which can be more usual for degradation of higher qualities plastics. The scientists say it is more difficult to break down the high quality crystallized PET. 'There is lot more works needed for several issues related to the breakdown of plastics and it may take more time,' said scientist.

This finding may take great benefit to the society that is filled with numerous amount of plastic today. In the current situation though there is awareness of the harms of using plastics there is no decline of using plastics or manufacture of plastics.

In contrast there is an enormous growth of plastic industries in the world and rapid growth of pollution on earth and atmosphere. On this situation this is good news for the environment. These plastics are started ruling the earth and there is a question whether it will degrade the tightly bonded plastics.

Plastics are used everywhere in the society. Some of the developed nations follow the strict rules regarding plastics. They are largely preventing the use of plastic. But the developing or under developed countries though the awareness are created it is always been a difficult task to avoid plastics.

Scientists Discovered New Plastic Eating Bacteria

Scientists Discovered New Plastic Eating Bacteria

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