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Swadeshi Reusable Space Shuttle Test Launch

Swadeshi Reusable Space Shuttle Test Launch

Swadeshi Reusable Space Shuttle Test Launch

The ISRO (Indian Space Research organization) today successfully test launched its first ever indigenous space shuttle. The reusable space launch RLV-TD is made in India at the cost of Rs. 95 crores. It was launched from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh at 7 am today. After 20 minutes of launch ISRO announced it has accomplished the task.

Few minutes after the launch the winged airplane came back and landed in virtual run way successfully. It is about 500 kilometres from Bay of Bengal coastal region. It is a first step for the big achievement in near future.

Nearly 600 scientists over 5 years were working to accomplish on the mission. The space shuttle which is 6.5 metre long and 1.75 tonnes was built at Thiruvananthapuram Space Centre.

Reusable Space Shutter was created aiming at reducing the cost of launching the objects into space. It reduces 10 times of the current cost for launching.

This is only the primary step of achieving the reusable rocket. The team undergoes various steps before accomplishing the final model. ISRO had planned to test 2 more rockets in future before the final phase. The final version of the rocket might take 10 to 15 years to complete.

Russia, Japan and Europe were also involved in developing the reusable space shuttle other than US. They are also in testing stages.

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Swadeshi Reusable Space Shuttle Test Launch