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Technology in Removal of CO2 from Air

Technology in Removal of CO2 from Air

Carbon Di Oxide (CO2) is the main cause of global warming. Our development of technology results in the damage of the environment in spite of many advantages.

The vehicles, factories, air conditioner, refrigerator emits co2 excessively that causes air pollution.

Research is going on in these technologies. It should be cost effective, if should be free from side effects and everything should be considered.

There are number of technologies are under research in the removal of Co2 from air. One of the technologies is Artificial Trees.

The scientist says that the artificial trees can absorb co2 1000 times more than the original tree if it is in the same size. It can absorb 1 ton of co2 per day.

Another technology is Scrubbing Tower, Discovery channel in 2008 covered this, a man built a tower of size 4 feet wide and 20 feet tall, fan at the bottom that sucks the air. This process reduces 50% of co2 from air.

Bio-energy with Carbon Capture and Storage.

This is a technology where it came in existence in the industries and it is capable of absorbing 5,50,000 tones of co2 in a year.

Many institutes say that this method best suits the industries that have less practical barriers.

It is good to hear this type of technologies that begins to save the planet. But still there is a great scare in the global warming by toxic gases. The only way to overcome is to develop the forest and prevent cutting down the remaining trees in the world.

If we fail to save the trees we will fail to

save our planet


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Technology in Removal of CO2 from Air