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Things which you should never try in Mobile phones - completed

Things which you should never try in Mobile phones - completed

People should be aware of using mobile phones these days in order to decrease the risk of it. They should know how and when to handle mobile to avoid the risk.

Many advance technologies have come in the mobile set in recent days. Smart phone like iphone, Tab, iPod has reached the people rapidly because of its easy usage, its appearance and several advance technologies. These advancement and online technologies is more useful to the people in one angle, other side there will be worst effects on using your personal data and information on the mobile. Mobile hackers and its crime have been increased.

Using your smart phone without password, assessing Bank information, sharing personnel information through unsecured sources, downloading application from unknown sources should be avoided. These all increase the risk and ease the work of data hackers.

Using Mobile while driving

First and foremost thing is while driving you should not use mobile phones. It is the major cause of road accidents. The report says taking or texting mobile phones and driving the vehicles have high risks of accidents. Many studies shown that using mobile phones while driving is equal to drunk-n-drive which causes major accidents in the nation. People should be at safer side always while driving and it minimize the risk of accidents.

Using Smart phone without password

Using smart phones without password protection will give way to see your personal data and email access by other people when you left your mobile in some places. Losing your mobile often happens, so your phone should be password protected always.

Sharing personnel information

Sharing personnel information through unsecured sites has high risk and it should be avoided. Transferring data through unsecured networks may lose the data or let other people to easily hack your personal information. Location information should not be always shared through your smart phones.

Assessing Bank information

Today almost all banks have the options of assessing the bank accounts through the internet. Through their secured platform it may reduce the risk. It is not a good thing to do it in your smart phone by downloading the application. But before doing so, it is better to confirm your bank is providing secured back applications.

Downloading application from unknown sources

Downloading application from unknown or unreliable sources will get you into trouble. The study shows that many smart phone users got troubles by downloading application from unknown sources, so smart phone holders never do this.

Things which you should never try in Mobile phones

Things which you should never try in Mobile phones - completed