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Driverless Car Technology by Toyoto with investement of 50 Million

Driverless Car Technology by Toyoto with investement of 50 Million

Toyoto Motor Corp investing $50 million to create a driver-less car joined with Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Toyoto appoints robotic engineer Dr. Gill Pratt for this 5 year project in the research and development of artificial intelligence that makes the car to drive without people. This was announced by Toyoto in the event at Palo Alto on friday (4.8.2015).

Google which is leading in online had leaded this driver-less technology car was working in this technology for past 6 years and it is in ongoing testing process. So far Google car faced 4 collisions with minor injuries and it aim to make completely autonomous car by 2020.

Toyoto says they were working in this autonomous driving technology for about 20 years. Toyoto is now focusing on the robotics and it wants to develop the car that replaces driver. Toyoto says it does not focus on fully replacing the driver. It wants to replace the drivers when they feel bad to drive and in tried situation in purpose of safety.

Pratt, the expert of robotics was previously working as the program manager of DARPA's Defence Science Office.

Toyoto also working on the other car technologies hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles like Toyoto Mirai. Toyoto's research and development group head Kiyotaka Ise says 'We believe this research will transform the future of mobility, improving safety and reducing traffic congestion'.

Toyoto believes in creating this artificial intelligence car that would make drive ease and more than driving it detects the driver mood and act according to it.

It works about the recognition technology and makes decisions according to the surroundings and avoids accidents. It also develops the intelligence programs that study the human behaviour and adjust depending on the various elements.

Competitor tech companies like Google and Uber are also speeding up in their process. Hope the success of this technology will reduce the accidents.

Driverless Car Technology by Toyoto with investement of 50 Million