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UK to Release Alien 18 Classified Files on March

UK to Release Alien 18 Classified Files on March

Scientists were researching about the Aliens for several years and they refused to reveal the truth about Aliens to the public. The truth of the Aliens exists are not is always the mystery to the people. Several sightings were observed about the unknown objects flying on the sky in different times by different people across the world.

As per the report, UK government announced to submit the 18 classified files of Alien on March 2016. But it is not known when it will be revealed to the public. The unknown Alien object is termed as UFO; globally there was average of 70000 reported UFO sightings every year. That is per day average of 192 were sighted.

The term UFO was first used by US Air Force in 1952. Most of the Americans believe in the Alien existence. Scientists suspect the existence of extraterrestrial life and it seems not exact evidence to prove it. Several researches were carried out by the UK, U.S, China, Japan and other nations about the Alien. These classified files may expected to have some strong evidence about the extra terrestrial life. Hope they may reveal soon about the Alien evidence to public.

To further develop the research about the existence of Aliens and extra terrestrial objects China had built up world's largest radio telescope. It has the massive dish of 500 meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope which is located in Guizhou in Southwest China. The construction of this 500 meter diameter radio telescope is expected to complete in this year end that began in 2011 at the cost of $250 million.

The people in and around 5 km radius were forced to relocate the place. More than 9000 residents who live near the massive radio telescope were evacuated from their place 2 days before with least compensation.

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UK to Release Alien 18 Classified Files on March

UK to Release Alien 18 Classified Files on March

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