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11 year old boy Gunshot 8 year old girl in US

11 year old boy Gunshot 8 year old girl in US

An 11-year-old boy was taken to the police custody for shooting and killing his neighbor 8-year-old girl in the US state of Tennessee on Saturday evening.He had gunshot the girl with his father's rifle for the girl not showing her puppy to him when he asked. The girl was playing outside her home when she shot. The boy asked her to show her puppy and when she refused he went home and took his father rifle and shot that girl in the chest from the window. The girl immediately taken to the hospital and later died.

Little girl McKayla's mother Latasha Dyer say they had problems by the boy when they came to that area. The boy used to make fun of her by calling her names.

Dyer told to local television 'He was making fun of her, calling her names, just being mean to her. I had to go to the principal about him and he quit for a while and then all of a sudden yesterday he shot her.'

'She was a precious little girl. She was mommy's girl. No matter how bad of a mood you were in, she could always make you smile.'

'I want her back in my arms, this is not fair. Hold and kiss your babies every night because you're never promised the next day with them. I hope the little boy learned his lesson because he took my baby's life -- and I can't get her back.' she said.

Both the boy and girl were studying in the same school at White Pine elementary school. The boy is studying 5th grade while the victim girl was in 3rd grade.

The boy has been charged with the first degree murder, he was kept in the custody and the next hearing will be held on October 28.

This is a highly tragic incident that was happened in the childhood stage. According to the report this year due to Gun Violence nearly 600 children are being hurt or killed so far.

11 year old boy Gunshot 8 year old girl in US