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9 Year Old Boy Shot His Sister Over Video Game Dispute

A 9-year old boy shot his 14-year old sister Dijonae White in a dispute over a video game controller with a handgun.The incident took place in Aberdeen, Mississippi of United States of America. The boy was playing with her sister in Video Game at home. Due to the clash between these two over the video game controller, the boy got furious and went to her mother’s room to take a .25 caliber handgun which was actually registered in his mother’s friend.Then, he pointed at the back of his sister’s head and triggered it. As soon as the gunshot sound was heard, his mother arrived and rushed to the children hospital with the dying girl.  The mother was told by a doctor that the girl had died already. Police were investigating the case and the boy was with his mother. Since it is in the investigation stage, no case has been filed yet. The gun owner may be fined for this incident, according to recent reports.In connection to this case, a safety activist told that most gun shootings could be prevented if a gun is locked properly and also it is advisable to place any weapons off sight and out of reach from children.Sources say such kinds of child crimes are rising up these days all over the world including India. This is because; children of this generation don’t get a joyous environment which the previous generation has experienced. According to the recent survey by a trusted source, not only Children but also, aged people were getting addicted to Video games.Children of this generation are using smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices at a very young age itself. This might affect the health of the children both mentally and physically. This is definitely due to lack of parental care on their children and parents should not say lame excuses that they did not find the time in their busy schedule.If a child receives a good parental care at the younger age, he/she would be kind and generous-minded in future.

9 Year Old Boy Shot His Sister Over Video Game Dispute

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