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Al-Qaeda claims the murder of Bangladesh publisher

Al-Qaeda warns the Bangladesh writers and publisher that they will be murdered if they write against the Islamic religion.

There have been serial deaths of Bangladesh writes in recent days. Eight months before writer Avijit Roy, US national of Bangladesh origin has been murdered by AQIS (Al Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent). Muslim majority Bangladesh writes, artists, publishers who criticize Islamic have threats by AQIS.

Saturday attack is claimed Al Queda and warns the people in Bangladesh. Faisal Arefin Dipan, 43 was allegedly killed by the unknown person at his publishing office, Dhaka. Dipan had published several books written by Avijit Roy.

Another publisher Ahmedur Rashid Tutul was also targeted and he is in critical condition. They also attacked 2 other writers in Tutul office. They were taken to the hospital immediately. Ansar al Islam, the branch of Al Qaeda in Bangladesh posted message online and said they had carried out the attack.

The gang attacked Tutul who is the owner of Shuddhashwar, hours before the Dipan murder. Tutul's also published many books of Avijit Roy's including book of homosexuality.

The terrorists warn by the title 'Who is the Next target' in their statement. They threatened the writes, publishers, poet in their statement.

After Avijit Roy murder other 3 writers Washiqur Rahman, Ananta Bijoy Das, Niloy Neel have been murdered following him and finally Dipan. The writers and people are showing their protest against this incident to the government.

Al-Qaeda claims the murder of Bangladesh publisher

Al-Qaeda claims the murder of Bangladesh publisher

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