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American pilot died over Heart attack while at work

An American airlines captain Michal Johnson 57-year-old died due to heart-attack says his wife Betty Jean Johnson. Michal Johnson faced heart-attack on mid way flying from Phoenix to Boston on Monday morning.

The flight was landed by the co-pilot at Syracuse, New York at 7.00am. There were no problems to the 147 passengers in the flight. The airlines handled the situation properly and made an alternative arrangement to land the passengers at Boston.

The couple has 8 children and first one at 34 years old and they would have celebrated their 35th anniversary on 18th of this month.

Michal Johnson have been experienced as pilot in America West Airlines from 1990, he had double bye-pass surgery in 2006. His wife said he had physically test to continue piloting for every 6 months.

Airline pilots should pass physical test for every 12 months and the pilots above 40 must undergo test 6 months once.

His wife Johnston said to the media 'He loves flying, he is very loving and caring, and he'll do anything for anybody - bend over backwards, try and help out anyone as much as he can. He's always been that way.'

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker stated 'All of us at American extend our condolences to Mike's wife, Betty Jean, and to his entire family. They have lost a husband and father, and many of you have lost a personal friend'. He also thanked the crew of the flight for handling the situation in right manner and taking care of Mike and passengers.

American pilot died over Heart attack while at work

American pilot died over Heart attack while at work

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