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Another 100 Billion Tax Over Chinese Products By Trump

Tariff Battle Of US And China Likes To become Even worse.

As a retaliatory action against Beijing Trump has expressed his open challenge on China that a worth of $100 billion tax hike would be more appropriate for Chinese products.

In a WTO meeting on Wednesday, Chinese Finance Ministry had shot out a plan of imposing an extra 25% of taxes on nearly 106 American products including soya beans, aircraft and automobiles. China came out with the terrific idea after President Trump imposed 25% extra tax on 1300 Chinese tech products.

American President Donald J. Trump made a statement via Twitter on Wednesday that America was not involved in any trade war with China. But now the confronted statement he proposed on Thursday shows that he is bracing for intensive the trade battle with China. 

He said that China had chosen to harm American farmers and manufacturers and hence an additional $100 billion tax imposition over Chinese products will be more proper. He also said that America is still had no regression to negotiate with China.

Even though both nations have not yet finalised a date for implementing the tax they proposed the world nations seems really feared for a collateral economic damage after the implementation of the tax. The top economic experts consider the action of both nations that won't benefit them in any mean but end up in the worst impact on the consumers of both countries along with others.

The Trade ware may be a real or rumour the world markets has already started to show a game of see-saw.

According to the White House officials that they are expecting a table talk with China that could help resolve the unstable situation between two countries. But according to an America lawmaker that their president is blowing up the steam again but he was not so serious about winning this time.

Another 100 Billion Tax Over Chinese Products By Trump

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