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Austin Bomber Made A Video Confession

Austin Bomber Made A Video Confession.

Austin Bomber Made A Video Confession.

An outcry of a very challenged young man who talked about the challenges in his life that led him to this point: APD chief Brian Manley 

Austine police department had tracked down a 23 years old young man Mark Conditt was the suspected Austin Bomber through some signs from his  Internet searches and a CCTV footage that showing Conditt delivering a package to the FedEx store that contain an intense bomb.

Austin Police Department managed to track down the suspect near a hotel in Round Rock on Wednesday with the arrest warrant issued for Conditt. But when they tried closing him, unfortunately, Conditt blew himself up with his last explosive in his car. A SWAT officer has been hurt in that blast.

Later that night Austin Police Department Chief Brian Manley reported to the press that the suspect Mar Conditt was dead and a  25 minutes video confession has been left behind by him on his cell phone. He made a video about how he built the bomb and he had not made any terror or hatred reference in the video.  

Manley said that the video showed them an outcry of a very challenged young man who talked about the challenges in his life that led him to this point. He continued that the cell phone was recovered by the APD officials while recovering Conditt's body from the blast site and he had not opened up the secret behind, why he chose them as his targets and what is the reason behind them.

Previously on Tuesday, the APD passed an arrest warrant following a charge sheet filed over Conditt for possessing destructive device and transferring it. On Wednesday morning police conducted an investigation with Conditt's roommates in the doubt that whether they to have their hands in the actor Conditt maintained it to do by alone. Another team made a follow-up investigation in the FedEx facility where the ADP found a bomb package on Tuesday and the CCTV footage of Conditt delivering the package.

Mark Conditt was a student at Austin Community College and lived in Pflugerville, a residential settlement situated 20 Km far from Austin city.

A news agency reported by citing a neighbour of Mark Conditt that he was a quiet, very polite and respectful young man. 

According to the press, APD has also keep tightening their lips about the reason behind those blasts and the 25 minutes of Conditt's video confession recording. 

The Austin Bombing was a serial package Bomb blast that started at the beginning of this month on March 2. Since now the two were killed and 5 were injured by the Austin Bombing.

Austin Bomber Made A Video Confession