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Boko Haram Freed Those 110 Abducted Dapchi School Girls

 Boko Haram Freed Those 110 Abducted Dapchi School Girls

Boko Haram Freed Those 110 Abducted Dapchi School Girls

Boko Haram freed Up only 105 Schools out of 110, five were feared dead.

Boko Haram terrorists freed up 110 abducted School Girls on Wednesday. The Nigerian Government had officially confirmed the return of 110 school girls. The Information Minister Lai Mohammad confirmed the news without elaborating it in detail.

Reports from Dapchi suggesting that five girls among the 110 were feared dead. the Boko Haram militants returned all those girls to the Nigerian Government on Wednesday around the 3:00 AM.

The girls have been freed up by the Militants soon after the government declared its opinion of negotiating with them in the previous week. Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said last week that the government prefers to negotiate rather than the use of Military force just to ensure the safe return of those Dapchi girls.

Pointing out an abducted girl a news agency reported that the girls had not been mistreated in any way by the jihadists and the Boko Haram Militants left all those girls in front of the Dapchi high school on Wednesday where they have  been abducted a month ago and ordered the girls to go home no to the military as the military could claim that they have rescued them from the militants.

The report also claims that almost 76 girls have been documented so far and five of them were feared dead. The report also said by citing the same abducted girl that they were dead while abducting. 

The Boko Haram is the well known Islamic militant organization of West Africa. They have kidnapped almost 110 high school and college girls from Dapchi high school and college on February 19. The incident is considered as the second largest abduction in Nigeria.

Previously Boko Haram militant organization of west Africa had abducted nearly 200 schoolgirls from Chibok in April 2014. A slogan BringBackOurGirls had been popularised from every part of the world in every social media at that time. The February abduction had brought back the hard memories of 2014.     

Boko Haram Freed Those 110 Abducted Dapchi School Girls