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Bomb Blast near Erawan Shrine killed At Least 22

Bomb Blast near Erawan Shrine killed At Least 22

On Monday evening, a severe bombing occurred near popular Shrine at the Thailand's capital Bangkok. Nearly 22 people were killed and more than 100 injured.

The explosion took place near the famous tourist spot Erawan Shrine in the heart of the city. Bodies were thrown off and many people were severely injured after the blast. The people walking in the street collapsed and ran away during the time.

The reporters arrived at the spot after the incident and found body parts scattered around the place, some motor bikes and cars were fired. The officials say Foreigners were there among the victims, Some Philippines , 3 Chinese people, 2 Malaysian were killed and most of the victims were Thai people.

The report says after the blast, the announcement was made that still there was no safety; some predicted there would be other bombs inside the Shrine. Bomb squad arrived and checked and discovered it was only a garbage bags and not a bomb.

The police men checked for a clue at the spot. They found a pipe bomb wrapped with white cloth and weighs 3kg. No one took responsibilities to the explosion. The collection of clues is still in progress.

It was suspected that Malay Muslim separatists of the south who are fighting against the Thai for many years in the south might have been done this. There is no previous attack by the severe bomb last in the Thai’s history. Rarely some small blast had happened in Thailand. On February, two bomb blasts occurred outside the shopping mall that caused less damage.

Some experts say that it may be caused to decline the Thai’s economy. The incident happened in the most popular tourist spot in order to reduce the tourist income that is almost 10% of total income to the government.

Bomb Blast near Erawan Shrine killed At Least 22