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Brazil Football Team Colombia Plane Crash 76 Died

Brazil Football Team Colombia Plane Crash 76 Died

The plane that carried Brazilian Football team for Copa Sudamericana final was crashed at Colombia few hours before. There were 81 persons travelling on the plane. Five passengers survived and rushed to the hospital other passengers are reported to be dead.

There were 72 football players from Brazilian team and 9 crew members on board. It was crashed near Rionegro, Colombia according to the officials. Chapecoense players Alan Luciano Ruschel and Jackson Ragnar Follmann are reported to be survivors.

The plane started from Bolivia’s Viru Viru airport around 6:15pm. The main cause of accident is not reported so far by officials. It is said the weather conditions and clouds may be cause of this.

Brazil declares 3 days mourning to the players died in plane crash. The world thoughts are about the victims and the families affected by the tragedy. Except 3 players almost entire Brazil football team is crashed in the accident.

Several football community extended their condolences to the team. The team singing and dancing video before their travel is going viral. The players families and fans are shocked and in deep sorrow. The three players who were injured was suspended and remained in Brazil are in Shock.

Brazil Football Team Colombia Plane Crash 76 Died

Brazil Football Team Colombia Plane Crash 76 Died

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